Peter Beržanskis

‘Salt flats’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Peter Beržanskis / Model: Rhiannon Buesnel-May / Stylist: Jenny-Anne Jett / HMUA: Tania Maxwell / Assistant: Kishka Phillips
Salt flats: 1/5
Salt flats: 2/5
Salt flats: 3/5
Salt flats: 4/5
Salt flats: 5/5

Peter Beržanskis ‘Salt flats’

Peter Berzanskis presents his debut series starring Rhiannon Buesnel-May.

“I loved the wild & slightly desolate beauty of the salt flats & imagined Rhiannon as a lost princess taking a long walk of shame home from a party where she met a boy but then lost him again.”



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