Salvatore: 1/12 Salvatore: 1/12
Salvatore: 2/12 Salvatore: 2/12
Salvatore: 3/12 Salvatore: 3/12
Salvatore: 4/12 Salvatore: 4/12
Salvatore: 5/12 Salvatore: 5/12
Salvatore: 6/12 Salvatore: 6/12
Salvatore: 7/12 Salvatore: 7/12
Salvatore: 8/12 Salvatore: 8/12
Salvatore: 9/12 Salvatore: 9/12
Salvatore: 10/12 Salvatore: 10/12
Salvatore: 11/12 Salvatore: 11/12
Salvatore: 12/12 Salvatore: 12/12

Alexa King ‘Salvatore’

Alexa King is one of our most regular contributors & yet still every time she sends me a shoot I am blown away by her creativity & serious photog skilz. This time she went church hopping around New Orleans with a team packed with talent to bring us ‘Salvatore’… Perfect post for a sunday don’t you think?

We are still uploading content from our old site. With our next update in 1 week from now you will be able to see all of Alexa’s amazing work 🙂

Cannot wait to see what she does next!



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