Fele La Franca

‘Santa Rosalie’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Fele La Franca / Model: Rosalie Spinazzola / Stylist: Isabella Lareddola / Wardrobe: Omighty
Santa Rosalie: 1/6
Santa Rosalie: 2/6
Santa Rosalie: 3/6
Santa Rosalie: 4/6
Santa Rosalie: 5/6
Santa Rosalie: 6/6

Fele La Franca ‘Santa Rosalie’

Fele La Franca brings us new work out of Sicily, Italy starring the incredible, Rosalie Spinazzola.

“I was very amused by the similarity between the name of the model & the name of the patron saint of Palermo. The location is “Ths Chinese Palace”, a former royal residence of the House of Bourbon. Two Sicilies designed in the style of Chinoiserie built about two centuries ago.

Rosalie was stunning, It was my first time working with her but I felt like we were old friends. We had just few minutes for the shooting because the place was almost closed when we got there.”



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