Savage: 1/11 Savage: 1/11
Savage: 2/11 Savage: 2/11
Savage: 3/11 Savage: 3/11
Savage: 4/11 Savage: 4/11
Savage: 5/11 Savage: 5/11
Savage: 6/11 Savage: 6/11
Savage: 7/11 Savage: 7/11
Savage: 8/11 Savage: 8/11
Savage: 9/11 Savage: 9/11
Savage: 10/11 Savage: 10/11
Savage: 11/11 Savage: 11/11

Charly Calderon ‘Savage’

As if she had just landed in the desert, Yao Yao is natural & savage in this new stunning series from Charly Calderón, inspired by ‘Salvaje’ from Spanish band, ‘Fuel Fandango’.

“I live on this earth
That despairs me.
I live on this earth
Sometimes already deserted.”

“Like horses in the fog,
I am wild, I am wild.
Like horses in the fog,
I am wild, I am wild”.



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