Claudio Vignola

‘Savage (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Claudio Vignola / Model: Cristina Visterneanu / Model Management: Boom Model Management / Stylist: Marty Pelli / Make-up Artist: Giulia Sulis / Hair: Vessy Vissotchkova
Savage (NSFW): 1/14
Savage (NSFW): 2/14
Savage (NSFW): 3/14
Savage (NSFW): 4/14
Savage (NSFW): 5/14
Savage (NSFW): 6/14
Savage (NSFW): 7/14
Savage (NSFW): 8/14
Savage (NSFW): 9/14
Savage (NSFW): 10/14
Savage (NSFW): 11/14
Savage (NSFW): 12/14
Savage (NSFW): 13/14
Savage (NSFW): 14/14

Claudio Vignola ‘Savage (NSFW)’

‘Savage’ is our latest stunning fashion series out of Italy by Claudio Vignola. An affable photographer, a mad, sensual, humorous, incredible model, a funny, talented team; “These are the ingredients of a crazy day where nothing was safe & default.”



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