Savanna: 1/16 Savanna: 1/16
Savanna: 2/16 Savanna: 2/16
Savanna: 3/16 Savanna: 3/16
Savanna: 4/16 Savanna: 4/16
Savanna: 5/16 Savanna: 5/16
Savanna: 6/16 Savanna: 6/16
Savanna: 7/16 Savanna: 7/16
Savanna: 8/16 Savanna: 8/16
Savanna: 9/16 Savanna: 9/16
Savanna: 10/16 Savanna: 10/16
Savanna: 11/16 Savanna: 11/16
Savanna: 12/16 Savanna: 12/16
Savanna: 13/16 Savanna: 13/16
Savanna: 14/16 Savanna: 14/16
Savanna: 15/16 Savanna: 15/16
Savanna: 16/16 Savanna: 16/16

Weslie Wei ‘Savanna’

Taiwan based freelance fashion photographer Weslie Wei brings us her stunning debut series. This is ‘Savanna’.

“Savanna is a Canadian & works as a model in Taiwan. She grew up in South Africa & that’s how she got her name. She did mostly commercial & catalogue modeling work & is known as a fairy in a video game TV commercial in Taiwan. Therefore, her fans usually see her as a sweet foreign girl but seldom know she was also a ribbon athlete & a rhythmic gymnastics coach in Canada.

In this editorial, we wanted the pictures to focus on her beautiful body shape & the powerful but a lil bit quirky side of her. We used strong color with clean shapes & also added some transparent elements in each styling. The photographer played with the light & shades to make it look like an illusion.”

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