Anthony Kalajzich

‘Scared to love’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Anthony Kalajzich / Model: Caspar Thomas / Stylist: Jordan Boorman / Make-up Artist: Coco Artistry / Hair: Brook Kuhnermann
Scared to love: 1/7
Scared to love: 2/7
Scared to love: 3/7
Scared to love: 4/7
Scared to love: 5/7
Scared to love: 6/7
Scared to love: 7/7

Anthony Kalajzich ‘Scared to love’

Inspired by his lost love, fellow Queensland creative Anthony K brings us his debut series starring Caspar Thomas.

“This shoot was to reflect a time in my life when i was in a relationship with a special lady. Things between us didn’t work out because my feelings towards her grew deeper and deeper. This freaked me out because I didn’t know how to act on these feelings. So I pushed her away hoping these feelings would go away. But this only lead me to think about her every single day. The last image with the blue sweater and the roses reflects how I feel sometimes when I think about her, I guess.”



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