Atisha Paulson

‘Sea change’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Atisha Paulson / Model: Lea Vonn
Sea change: 1/13
Sea change: 2/13
Sea change: 3/13
Sea change: 4/13
Sea change: 5/13
Sea change: 6/13
Sea change: 7/13
Sea change: 8/13
Sea change: 9/13
Sea change: 10/13
Sea change: 11/13
Sea change: 12/13
Sea change: 13/13

Atisha Paulson ‘Sea change’

There is a reason Atisha Paulson’s work is regularly featured up on here… We can’t fucking get enough of it. This time he headed to Marina del Rey, California to shoot Lea Vonn… A little different to his usual New York settings but his model still just as gorgeous as ever. Be sure to peep all of his other features below too!



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