Jesse Herzog

‘Second-hand smoking’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Jesse Herzog / Model: Marta Piekarz
Second-hand smoking: 1/10
Second-hand smoking: 2/10
Second-hand smoking: 3/10
Second-hand smoking: 4/10
Second-hand smoking: 5/10
Second-hand smoking: 6/10
Second-hand smoking: 7/10
Second-hand smoking: 8/10
Second-hand smoking: 9/10
Second-hand smoking: 10/10

Jesse Herzog ‘Second-hand smoking’

When Jesse Herzog pics show up in my insta feed they always put a huge smile on my face. I never use this word but it just feels right in this occasion… Jesse’s photos are breathtaking! It is always a good day when a whole series turns up in my inbox & that day has arrived!

“Marta & I planned our next shoot for months, since she would be making the trek from Chicago to Toronto. Of course the day of her flight happened to be on an ice storm in Toronto, so 15 minutes before her flight was about to land, it made a sudden turn back. We were fucked. After bitching to her for an hour she decided to take action & make the drive over instead, bringing along our photographer friend Amos from Michigan. We shot for 3 straight days non-stop, accomplishing everything we planned, in a tobacco-fused marathon. Of course I was sick as fuck for the following 2 weeks & vowed to quit second-hand smoking for good.”



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