Nancy Shvab

‘See me now’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Nancy Shvab / Model: Yue Zhu Juri
See me now: 1/15
See me now: 2/15
See me now: 3/15
See me now: 4/15
See me now: 5/15
See me now: 6/15
See me now: 7/15
See me now: 8/15
See me now: 9/15
See me now: 10/15
See me now: 11/15
See me now: 12/15
See me now: 13/15
See me now: 14/15
See me now: 15/15

Nancy Shvab ‘See me now’

Moscow creative Nancy Shvab brings us new stunning work made in Mexico City with Yue Zhu Juri.

“After the shooting, we went over our experiences, I find it’s pretty interesting so I want to share it with you all.”

Nancy: What did you feel while we were shooting this series?
Juri:  It was a rare moment that I get a chance to lie down for quite a while & stare at the trees. They are so beautiful. They completely drag me into another dimension & I partially forgot I was on a shoot.

Nancy: You were working as editor for magazines, how did you feel about being a model? What do you think about models in general?
Juri: If it were not for you, I would have never agreed to do such a thing : )  I still don’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera. But the experience was actually nice, due to the beautiful environment. Also, I was really happy to see you getting excited during the shoot. A good shooting creates lots of intimacy between the photographer & the subject, as well as people & nature. About models in general, ummm I guess it’s just one type of occupation same as many others. But I love them cause they save the world by beauty hahaha.

Nancy: What made you feel uncomfortable to be in front of the camera? Are there fears or any other reasons?
Juri: Well I guess it’s just different personalities. I was a photojournalist a long times ago & then editor & director for art & fashion magazine so I was always behind the scene. I prefer observing people instead of being observed. Besides my face & body are really not that expressive in terms of modelling. Your shoot exposed me in a way that I didn’t see before, it’s amazing. I am appreciated.



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