Nicole Pagan

‘Seeing red’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Nicole Pagan / Model: Cherish Waters
Seeing red: 1/13
Seeing red: 2/13
Seeing red: 3/13
Seeing red: 4/13
Seeing red: 5/13
Seeing red: 6/13
Seeing red: 7/13
Seeing red: 8/13
Seeing red: 9/13
Seeing red: 10/13
Seeing red: 11/13
Seeing red: 12/13
Seeing red: 13/13

Nicole Pagan ‘Seeing red’

LA creative, Nicole Pagan spends her time producing images inspired by her imagination & dreams & her work beckons you to step out of your world, into hers. Recently she teamed up with professional muse, Cherish Waters & captured this stunning portrait series.



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