Segment: 1/9 Segment: 1/9
Segment: 2/9 Segment: 2/9
Segment: 3/9 Segment: 3/9
Segment: 4/9 Segment: 4/9
Segment: 5/9 Segment: 5/9
Segment: 6/9 Segment: 6/9
Segment: 7/9 Segment: 7/9
Segment: 8/9 Segment: 8/9
Segment: 9/9 Segment: 9/9

Katie Holt ‘Segment’

Set in a suburban flat, our debut feature from London photographer, Katie Holt, presents the integrity between being segmented & alone as a person. “Through this series I wanted to emphasises how this can be a positive thing & how independence is empowering & not lonely.”

Featured brands; Xiao Li, Genevieve Devine, Alexia Jordan, Daisy London, Dinny Hall, Steven Tai, Preen Line, Cecilie Bahnsen, Sophie Cull, Rockins, Mark Fast, Nicola Brindle, Ghost, Alice Lee.



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