Selfish: 1/8 Selfish: 1/8
Selfish: 2/8 Selfish: 2/8
Selfish: 3/8 Selfish: 3/8
Selfish: 4/8 Selfish: 4/8
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Selfish: 6/8 Selfish: 6/8
Selfish: 7/8 Selfish: 7/8
Selfish: 8/8 Selfish: 8/8

Eseniya Araslanova ‘Selfish’

Taking inspiration from the quite rooms they shot in, ‘Selfish’ is fashion story about a lonely Christmas evening, with glitter eyes, books & piano, & is our debut feature shot by Eseniya Araslanova.

brands featured; Zara, SHLZ, Louis Vuitton, Pulover, Saint Tokyo, Asos.



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