Señorita: 1/6 Señorita: 1/6
Señorita: 2/6 Señorita: 2/6
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Señorita: 5/6 Señorita: 5/6
Señorita: 6/6 Señorita: 6/6

Adam Taylor ‘Señorita’

‘Señorita’ is a portrait series out of St. Louis, MO by Adam Taylor who usually takes a cinematic approach o his photography, heavily influenced by his favorite directors & cinematographers. Here is what he told us about the shoot day…

“This set was shot this Summer here in St. Louis. The model, Jackie, had just braided her hair and we both agreed on wanting to capture a slight gritty, urban look juxtaposed with the very clean, well manicured setting of the lagoon styled pool. Images from Larry Clark’s film, “Bully” came to mind when putting this together and was used as a small inspiration”.



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