Anton Lombardi

‘Several lavender cigarettes later’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
6 photographs.
Photographer: Anton Lombardi / Creative director: Anton Lombardi / Creative director: Chloe Norgaard / Model: Chloe Norgaard / Stylist: Anton Lombardi / Stylist: Chloe Norgaard
Several lavender cigarettes later: 1/6
Several lavender cigarettes later: 2/6
Several lavender cigarettes later: 3/6
Several lavender cigarettes later: 4/6
Several lavender cigarettes later: 5/6
Several lavender cigarettes later: 6/6

Anton Lombardi ‘Several lavender cigarettes later’

NYC photographer/digital director, Anton Lombardi & mega muse, Chloe Norgaard team up for their rad AF debut feature.

“There was a blizzard coming through New York, & the city was preparing to shut the trains down. Chloe & I decided earlier in the day that we would meet to discuss shoot ideas. We had ordered Thai food & Chloe started to do my tarot card reading, with a side of tequila soda. Around midnight & several rolled lavender cigarettes later, we started optioning Chloe’s robes, preparing to do an impromptu shoot. I had my 35mm camera & one roll of film to entertain our ideas. Not sure if I had enough light in any of my shots, I carried around a portable lightbulb that I stole from Chloe’s wardrobe room. We completely rearranged the dining-room for a shot, & it took about 2 days to put back together. Our direction was to channel a deranged, glamorous, ‘True Romance’ vibe.”

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