Joelle Grace Rosen

‘Shades of summer’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Joelle Grace Rosen / Director: Joelle Grace Rosen / Model: Adrienne Wiest / Stylist: Adrienne Wiest / HMUA: Serena Jenkins
Shades of summer: 1/10
Shades of summer: 2/10
Shades of summer: 3/10
Shades of summer: 4/10
Shades of summer: 5/10
Shades of summer: 6/10
Shades of summer: 7/10
Shades of summer: 8/10
Shades of summer: 9/10
Shades of summer: 10/10

Joelle Grace Rosen ‘Shades of summer’

Photographer/director Joelle Grace Rose brings us her second awesome series in as many weeks.

“As Summer comes to an end, we reflect & dream of the sunsets & lazy days. Shades of Summer, stars vintage aficionado Adrienne Wiest, aka The Vintage Epicurean, dressed in designer threads down to the Jimmy Choos, mirroring styles of summers past & present, drowning in dreams of neon.”



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