She: 1/6 She: 1/6
She: 2/6 She: 2/6
She: 3/6 She: 3/6
She: 4/6 She: 4/6
She: 5/6 She: 5/6
She: 6/6 She: 6/6

Luna Voors ‘She’

Netherlands photographer Luna Voors gives fashion photography her own twist. Today she brings us a debut series starring her muse Suzannah Cunnington.

“I always say that Suzannah is my muse because her beauty inspires me & feeds my creativity. This shoot is a swirl of my creative thoughts, paired with my adoration for her beauty. Together with Kim, the MUA, we created a fun & playful shoot, inspired by love.”

Wardrobe; Monki, Raid, Hunkemoller, Attitude Holland.



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Comment by @Joy.brandy

Loveeeee it!!!

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