James Beddoes

‘She-wolf (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: James Beddoes / Model: Georgie Riot
She-wolf (NSFW): 1/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 2/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 3/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 4/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 5/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 6/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 7/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 8/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 9/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 10/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 11/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 12/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 13/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 14/15
She-wolf (NSFW): 15/15

James Beddoes ‘She-wolf (NSFW)’

For his latest rad AF series, UK photographer, James Beddoes lest the studio & met with his muse in her own home. “I like the concept of photographing people in there natural habitat. Plus I love the juxtaposition of shooting someone as striking as Georgie in a normal home!”

Brands featured; Emma Harris Lingerie,Reckless Wolf UK, Chloe Dougan Designs.



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