Matt Dipper

‘She’s gone’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Matt Dipper / Model: Félicie Kintgen / HMUA: Veronika Moreira / Wardrobe: Bamba Swim / Accessories: Ash and Phoenix jewellery
She’s gone: 1/14
She’s gone: 2/14
She’s gone: 3/14
She’s gone: 4/14
She’s gone: 5/14
She’s gone: 6/14
She’s gone: 7/14
She’s gone: 8/14
She’s gone: 9/14
She’s gone: 10/14
She’s gone: 11/14
She’s gone: 12/14
She’s gone: 13/14
She’s gone: 14/14

Matt Dipper ‘She’s gone’

‘She’s gone’ is our debut feature from Australian photographer, Matt Dipper starring French goddess, Félicie Kintgen.

“She’s from Paris & she spoke with a beautiful french accent. She love’s it here, she told me she doesn’t want to leave. She loved to escape, to leave everything behind. Now she’s gone.”



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