Anna Alferova

‘Shoot to kill’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Anna Alferova / Model: Laodika Saint-Agne / Stylist: Laodika Saint-Agne
Shoot to kill: 1/11
Shoot to kill: 2/11
Shoot to kill: 3/11
Shoot to kill: 4/11
Shoot to kill: 5/11
Shoot to kill: 6/11
Shoot to kill: 7/11
Shoot to kill: 8/11
Shoot to kill: 9/11
Shoot to kill: 10/11
Shoot to kill: 11/11

Anna Alferova ‘Shoot to kill’

I think it’s any photographers ideal scenario to have a smokin hot flatmate, one that you can be sitting in the kitchen with one minute & then shooting the next. That’s exactly how the lead up to this beautiful series went. ‘Shoot to kill’ is our first feature from Russian based roomies; stylist/model, Laodika Saint-Agne & photographer, Anna Alferova. Hopefully one of many more! Absolutely LOVE this.




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