Adam Maj

‘Show off’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

25 photographs.
Photographer: Adam Maj / Model: Alexandra Johansson / Stylist: Tessa Holbrook / Make-up Artist: Alexandra Johansson / Wardrobe: Tessa Holbrook / Accessories: Fusc
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Adam Maj ‘Show off’

It’s a pleasure to introduce a new contributor, Berlin Photographer & filmmaker with a background in Architecture, exploring the overlapping qualities of fashion, architecture & film. This is ‘Show off’ by Adam Maj.

“I’ve collaborated plenty of times with Tessa (she designs the clothes). We love working together. I had a rough idea of what our next editorial was supposed to look like, but it ended up going in a different direction than planned. Initially, we planned to shoot outside in an industrial area which is located at the Berlin spree river. However, the weather became surprisingly chilly & no one wanted to catch a cold the next day. We managed to capture a few beautiful snowy moments on the balcony & then improvised in the studio. Alex is a pleasure to work with. She’s also a MUA & stepped in on the shoot on short notice when someone else canceled on us.”

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