Dev Dhunsi


by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Dev Dhunsi / Model: Petter Tessem / Assistant: Aron Olsen
Shubhaarambh: 1/6
Shubhaarambh: 2/6
Shubhaarambh: 3/6
Shubhaarambh: 4/6
Shubhaarambh: 5/6
Shubhaarambh: 6/6

Dev Dhunsi ‘Shubhaarambh’

Set in the small city of Trondheim, Norway, this is our debut feature from Dev Dhunsi, starring Petter Tessem.

“It’s finally getting warmer here, which means that the sun is finally up for longer than three hours. With the weather, I get the feeling that a wave of positivity is coming. I named it ‘Shubhaarambh’ (means “Debut” in hindi) & represents the youth that are eager to reach their goals in life. If it’s fashion, photography, music or whatever. You need some type of debut break through.”



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