Ari Pashalis

‘Sibella’s society’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Ari Pashalis / Model: Mimi Elashiry / Wardrobe: Tigermist
Sibella’s society: 1/8
Sibella’s society: 2/8
Sibella’s society: 3/8
Sibella’s society: 4/8
Sibella’s society: 5/8
Sibella’s society: 6/8
Sibella’s society: 7/8
Sibella’s society: 8/8

Ari Pashalis ‘Sibella’s society’

The Society Inc. terrace is an incredible little space in the back streets of paddington, Sydney, designed by Sibella Court, filled with objects that she has collected from all over the globe. Recently it became the perfect setting for photographer, Ari Pashalis & the one & only Mimi Elashiry.



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