Rebecca Elizabeth Tate

‘Sickly sweet’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Rebecca Elizabeth Tate / Model: Anna Jackson / Model: Birthe / Model Management: MandP models / HMUA: Olivia Cochrane / Stylist: Rosie-Anne Footitt
Sickly sweet: 1/10
Sickly sweet: 2/10
Sickly sweet: 3/10
Sickly sweet: 4/10
Sickly sweet: 5/10
Sickly sweet: 6/10
Sickly sweet: 7/10
Sickly sweet: 8/10
Sickly sweet: 9/10
Sickly sweet: 10/10

Rebecca Elizabeth Tate ‘Sickly sweet’

Rebecca Elizabeth Tate brings us a new fashion editorial with just the right amount of sickly sweet. “I just wanted to create something around the last few days of summer with the idea of girls stuck in their room, a sickly sweet girly wardrobe & an overall awkward feel.”

Featured brands: PPQ, Aaron Chamberlain, Rachel Lovelock.



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