Marco Leonardi

‘Simple pleasures (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Marco Leonardi / Model: Cristina Visterneanu / Make-up Artist: Laura Alleruzzo
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 1/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 2/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 3/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 4/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 5/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 6/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 7/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 8/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 9/10
Simple pleasures (NSFW): 10/10

Marco Leonardi ‘Simple pleasures (NSFW)’

It was easy, quick & totally improvised, but our latest feature from Marco Leonardi is nothing short of beautiful. He met his muse, Cristina Visterneanu (who also happens to star in our ‘Shoot of the week‘) for the first time on location. They didn’t talk much & they had little time, but they hit it off creatively & the day itself was everything that the series suggests; simple, relaxed, honest & fun.



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