‘Sin city’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Creative director: Roisino / Photographer: Piotr Motyka / Model: Charlotte Rousee / Stylist: Roisino / Assistant: Rama Bseiso / Hair: Ellie Bond
Sin city: 1/16
Sin city: 2/16
Sin city: 3/16
Sin city: 4/16
Sin city: 5/16
Sin city: 6/16
Sin city: 7/16
Sin city: 8/16
Sin city: 9/16
Sin city: 10/16
Sin city: 11/16
Sin city: 12/16
Sin city: 13/16
Sin city: 14/16
Sin city: 15/16
Sin city: 16/16

Roisino ‘Sin city’

Creative director Roisino teams up with UK photographer Piotr Motyka for their dope debut series. This is ‘Sin city’ starring Charlotte Rousee.

Wardrobe; ASOS, Saf Safu, Gilda and Pearl, Sinister Sisters, Nisse, Falke, Scotria, Narcissism, Juicy Couture, Zohra Rahman, Insatiable Lust.



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