Team Sugar

‘Sink or swim’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Team Sugar / Model: Jessica Stanley / Model: Rachael Smith
Sink or swim: 1/16
Sink or swim: 2/16
Sink or swim: 3/16
Sink or swim: 4/16
Sink or swim: 5/16
Sink or swim: 6/16
Sink or swim: 7/16
Sink or swim: 8/16
Sink or swim: 9/16
Sink or swim: 10/16
Sink or swim: 11/16
Sink or swim: 12/16
Sink or swim: 13/16
Sink or swim: 14/16
Sink or swim: 15/16
Sink or swim: 16/16

Team Sugar ‘Sink or swim’

It’s always a pleasure to introduce new contributors who bring something unique to the mix. Team Sugar is a freelance photographer that focuses on the natural beauty of women, with the goal to capture strong & confident women, proud of who they are.

“My long time friends, Jessica Stanley, Rachael Smith & I, decided to avoid the shitty Northern California heat on a 108º day. We headed to the river with no real plans & this is what we captured. This was my first time shooting underwater & didn’t really account for not being able to see anything. These were shot basically blind & I didn’t check them until we were back home.”



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