Steph Segarra

‘Sister, sister’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Steph Segarra / Model: Tiffany / Model: Cynthia / Stylist: Tiffany / Stylist: Cynthia / Wardrobe: Creeps
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Steph Segarra ‘Sister, sister’

Steph Segarra brings us an impromptu film series set in China Town, Toronto.

“I was staying in Chinatown in Toronto & my airbnb was next door to this amazing boutique. When I went inside there was hip-hop & trap playing & these super stylish girls. I approached one of them & her name was Cynthia. I told her I loved their style & asked if they would be interested in shooting with me. Surprisingly they said yes! I got together with Cynthia & her sister Tiffany & shot all around Kensington Market which is this super culturally diverse area full of restaurants, vintage shops & random stores like the firemen’s accessory store. We had so much fun!”

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