Helena Goni


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Helena Goni / Model: Olatz López / Model: Maitane López / HMUA: Natalia Decantelmi
Sisterhood: 1/9
Sisterhood: 2/9
Sisterhood: 3/9
Sisterhood: 4/9
Sisterhood: 5/9
Sisterhood: 6/9
Sisterhood: 7/9
Sisterhood: 8/9
Sisterhood: 9/9

Helena Goni ‘Sisterhood’

Helena Goñi draws on her surroundings, paying particular attention to her experience through time, expectations, failure & utopia. For her latest series, Helena met with sisters, Olatz López & Maitane López.

“I had photographed Olatz before as she is a professional model & this idea emerged from seeing the super close & free relationship she had with her sister & the way she shared it on social media. It was both provocative & sweet & I loved it. For a while I’ve been meaning to portray different sister’s relationships as having my own is something that I feel how important it can be. I took them to the beach because it’s fun, I’m addicted to the sea & we got to use Kionita’s designs which are awesome & also got to work with Natalia which is the most talented MUAH artist I know. So it was a pretty great day!”

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