Skin: 1/7 Skin: 1/7
Skin: 2/7 Skin: 2/7
Skin: 3/7 Skin: 3/7
Skin: 4/7 Skin: 4/7
Skin: 5/7 Skin: 5/7
Skin: 6/7 Skin: 6/7
Skin: 7/7 Skin: 7/7

Jimmy Lin ‘Skin’

Close friends Jimmy Lin, Bianca Venerayan & Cinthya Ayalah brings us a gorgeous impromptu shoot.

“All three of us are close friends, but shooting together hadn’t crossed our minds until we were all in a room doing shit-all & decided to throw on red lights & skin-coloured suits. Loosely inspired by Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘The Skin I Live In’, we just wanted to make something weird & creepy. Exercising total freedom of creativity is rare, & getting to do so with your friends is quite the treat.”



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