Lara mayorano


by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Lara mayorano / Model: Belén Espindola / Model Management: Jump Models / HMUA: Antonella Taddei / Stylist: Marina cirigliano
Skyline: 1/13
Skyline: 2/13
Skyline: 3/13
Skyline: 4/13
Skyline: 5/13
Skyline: 6/13
Skyline: 7/13
Skyline: 8/13
Skyline: 9/13
Skyline: 10/13
Skyline: 11/13
Skyline: 12/13
Skyline: 13/13

Lara mayorano ‘Skyline’

Born & raised in Argentina, under the family influence of fashion & art, Lara Mayorano was bound to wind up spending her days being creative. Her work reflects her openness to change & growth & she uses her photography as a kind of therapy. For her debut series, Lara met her muse at the airport to bring us ‘Skyline’.



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