Sleepover: 1/8 Sleepover: 1/8
Sleepover: 2/8 Sleepover: 2/8
Sleepover: 3/8 Sleepover: 3/8
Sleepover: 4/8 Sleepover: 4/8
Sleepover: 5/8 Sleepover: 5/8
Sleepover: 6/8 Sleepover: 6/8
Sleepover: 7/8 Sleepover: 7/8
Sleepover: 8/8 Sleepover: 8/8

Oliwia ‘Sleepover’

With a mutual love of film photography & modelling, two close friends get creative during a recent sleepover. Sarah Maria describes the night as she was captured by Oliwia.

“This set is especially important to me because it’s created with the person who originally got me into modelling almost a decade ago. She is well-known & has made a beautiful name for herself & I not only have the blessing of creating beautiful images with her, but I also call her a sister more so than a friend. This is a collection of 35mm film scans & Polaroids shot by Oliwia during our most recent sleepover. We don’t get to see each other very often but when we do we make sure to make it count. She & I both share such a deep love for film photography & modelling so our friendship is such a blessing to both of us.”



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