Sleepstate: 1/14 Sleepstate: 1/14
Sleepstate: 2/14 Sleepstate: 2/14
Sleepstate: 3/14 Sleepstate: 3/14
Sleepstate: 4/14 Sleepstate: 4/14
Sleepstate: 5/14 Sleepstate: 5/14
Sleepstate: 6/14 Sleepstate: 6/14
Sleepstate: 7/14 Sleepstate: 7/14
Sleepstate: 8/14 Sleepstate: 8/14
Sleepstate: 9/14 Sleepstate: 9/14
Sleepstate: 10/14 Sleepstate: 10/14
Sleepstate: 11/14 Sleepstate: 11/14
Sleepstate: 12/14 Sleepstate: 12/14
Sleepstate: 13/14 Sleepstate: 13/14
Sleepstate: 14/14 Sleepstate: 14/14

sleepstate from Ebby Amir on Vimeo.

Ebby Amir ‘Sleepstate’

Ebby Amir is a photographer who likes to capture the colourful side of darker things. Most recently he teamed up with fellow NYC creative, Model/Actress, Kirra Hughes.

“Kirra & I had bounced shoot ideas around in New York for some time before we ended up in San Francisco on the same week and decided to make a short film. I had just celebrated a birthday and was sleepless for weeks itching to make something new, so I came up with the concept of an endless dream, or an endless nightmare.”



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