Debarati Sanyal

‘Slight buzz’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Debarati Sanyal / Model: Ritu Chauhan / Model Management: Inega Models / Stylist: Shaheen Peer / Make-up Artist: Anushka Katke
Slight buzz: 1/16
Slight buzz: 2/16
Slight buzz: 3/16
Slight buzz: 4/16
Slight buzz: 5/16
Slight buzz: 6/16
Slight buzz: 7/16
Slight buzz: 8/16
Slight buzz: 9/16
Slight buzz: 10/16
Slight buzz: 11/16
Slight buzz: 12/16
Slight buzz: 13/16
Slight buzz: 14/16
Slight buzz: 15/16
Slight buzz: 16/16

Debarati Sanyal ‘Slight buzz’

‘Slight buzz’ found its way to us from India, the first series to ever do that! Hey India, so glad you found us!!! It’s a pleasure to introduce a new contributor in Mumbai mixed media artist & photographer, Debarati Sanyal.

“This was my first shoot after coming back to India & my first womenswear shoot after a really long time. I teamed up with my friend/stylist, Shaheen & decided to do an easy shoot as a way to get started after the long break. She suggested we work with Ritu as she was easily the coolest girl around. We all wanted a very non-chalant vibe for the pictures & we knew Ritu was the right girl for this.”

Featured brands; Sana Barreja, Everlane, Asos, Hema Kaul, Cord, Lola by Suman B.



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