Alice Calypso

‘Slovenian dawn’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Alice Calypso / Model: Asya Rostova / Stylist: Asya Rostova / HMUA: Asya Rostova
Slovenian dawn: 1/10
Slovenian dawn: 2/10
Slovenian dawn: 3/10
Slovenian dawn: 4/10
Slovenian dawn: 5/10
Slovenian dawn: 6/10
Slovenian dawn: 7/10
Slovenian dawn: 8/10
Slovenian dawn: 9/10
Slovenian dawn: 10/10

Alice Calypso ‘Slovenian dawn’

Earlier this year in Slovenia, Alice Calypso & Asya Rostova found inspiration somewhere between Renaissance Madonnas & Sailor Moon characters, & the Slovenian dawn itself.

“We spent a night catching carlights & streetlights in a tiny town (tried to see if a third & forth eye will open in the dark), & woke up at 5.36 next morning to meet the most beautiful, almost surrealistic sunrise. It felt almost as if a unicorn just left the hill.”

On that same day, the creative duo also shot “Love story” published in March.



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