Smudge: 1/8 Smudge: 1/8
Smudge: 2/8 Smudge: 2/8
Smudge: 3/8 Smudge: 3/8
Smudge: 4/8 Smudge: 4/8
Smudge: 5/8 Smudge: 5/8
Smudge: 6/8 Smudge: 6/8
Smudge: 7/8 Smudge: 7/8
Smudge: 8/8 Smudge: 8/8

Marisa Taschke ‘Smudge’

My close friend/colleague, Marisa Taschke text me last week asking what colour backdrops she should buy. A couple days later she text me again, letting me know she received the backdrops & we should shoot something. A few hours after that she text me again, this time with a link to an incredible new studio series set against our new backdrop. She’s a fucking gun, & one forth of our new side project – Bang Bang Shooting Club. Expect many more shoots to follow 🙂

“It’s Courtney Love meets a box of Crayons. I was inspired by the contrasting primary colours & heroin chic Courtney Love style.”



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