Fauve Bouwman

‘So let it rain’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Fauve Bouwman / Model: Patricia Nooyen / Model Management: BE Modelmanagement / Make-up Artist: Chanel Eiselin
So let it rain: 1/10
So let it rain: 2/10
So let it rain: 3/10
So let it rain: 4/10
So let it rain: 5/10
So let it rain: 6/10
So let it rain: 7/10
So let it rain: 8/10
So let it rain: 9/10
So let it rain: 10/10

Fauve Bouwman ‘So let it rain’

When photographer, Fauve Bouwman met with Model, Patricia Nooyen to shoot her latest analogue series they were hoping for a beautiful sweaty day with a lots of sunlight. Instead it was pouring rain but It didn’t take them long to agree that the rain only added to the mood of the shoot, making it all the more wild, sexy & mysterious. Love this!!!



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