Pancho Monti

‘Social club’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Pancho Monti / Model: Barbara Maldonado
Social club: 1/11
Social club: 2/11
Social club: 3/11
Social club: 4/11
Social club: 5/11
Social club: 6/11
Social club: 7/11
Social club: 8/11
Social club: 9/11
Social club: 10/11
Social club: 11/11

Pancho Monti ‘Social club’

What a way to end a day full of amazing content. Fuck this is beautiful! ‘Social club’ was shot by Buenos Aires photographer, Pancho Monti & stars Barbara Maldonado.

“This series is set at a social club that I’ve been going to my whole life. Its architecture is antique & there’s tons of interesting corners to shoot, where I used all natural light. I love shooting with Barbara. She is very natural, beautiful & has a big heart!”



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