Megan Doherty

‘Soft shark’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Megan Doherty / Model: Charlotte Gordon / Model: Sophia McFeely / Assistant: Susan Donaghy / Assistant: Megan McClean
Soft shark: 1/8
Soft shark: 2/8
Soft shark: 3/8
Soft shark: 4/8
Soft shark: 5/8
Soft shark: 6/8
Soft shark: 7/8
Soft shark: 8/8

Megan Doherty ‘Soft shark’

Our 22 year old film photography contributor from Ireland, Megan Doherty recently paired together two of her friends she loves to shoot. They spent a rainy day together wandering through the city capturing shots at the cinema, shops, the streets & a friends apartment. Megan explained “Usually my shoots are heavily directed, but with this one I basically wanted to capture the day in the life of two teenage girls, so I let them loose & followed them around on their adventure together, shooting it from my own perspective behind the camera”.

This style of shooting definitely works for you Megan!




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