Aaron Sinclair

‘Someday soon’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Aaron Sinclair / Model: Sarah Simmons / Model: Gabi Bechtel
Someday soon: 1/11
Someday soon: 2/11
Someday soon: 3/11
Someday soon: 4/11
Someday soon: 5/11
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Someday soon: 11/11

Aaron Sinclair ‘Someday soon’

Aaron Sinclair was born & raised in downtown Los Angeles & has been photographing mainly with 35mm cameras since he was a kid. When he’s not taking photos, he directs his creative energy toward making music & films. That filmmaker side of Aaron that likes to create “fantasies” & story-lines heavily influences his photographic work, as he starts out with a backstory that leads to a narrative in each of his shootings. Here is what he told us about his day shooting Sarah Simmons & Gabi Bechtel for his beautiful new series ‘Someday Soon’.

“With ‘Someday Soon’, the backstory is that these two characters are close friends that always stick together. Their inseparable relationship gradually turns into a curiosity that becomes a love story. We went around to different parts of LA on the day of the shoot that looked like spots that intimacy would take place such as the LA river, the train tracks & shops around echo park.”



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