Matt Cheel

‘Something about Kat’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Matt Cheel / Model: Kat David
Something about Kat: 1/8
Something about Kat: 2/8
Something about Kat: 3/8
Something about Kat: 4/8
Something about Kat: 5/8
Something about Kat: 6/8
Something about Kat: 7/8
Something about Kat: 8/8

Matt Cheel ‘Something about Kat’

Cali creative, Matthew Cheel reunites with the incredible Kat David in East LA for an awesome three part series. This is part one.

“Have you ever met someone whose persona just stormed in, brought you light, oxygen to your lungs, & energy into your life? Someone so real, you felt almost in sync?

There are those who live their lives, & those whose lives live them. Connecting with that first type of person is beautiful. Reconnecting with them is just reassuringly magical.

I wanted to create something beautiful & lasting this time, to show the world what its missing if it doesn’t get to know you, Kat.”



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