Deivi García

‘Somewhere in Bogota’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Deivi García / Model: Coni Luchtenborg / Stylist: Coni Luchtenborg / Photographer assistant: Maria Camila Samudio
Somewhere in Bogota: 1/8
Somewhere in Bogota: 2/8
Somewhere in Bogota: 3/8
Somewhere in Bogota: 4/8
Somewhere in Bogota: 5/8
Somewhere in Bogota: 6/8
Somewhere in Bogota: 7/8
Somewhere in Bogota: 8/8

Deivi García ‘Somewhere in Bogota’

Deivi García & Coni Lüchtenborg team up for a new shoot out of Bogota, Colombia.

“The first time I saw Coni was when I scrolled through Sticks & Stones’ ‘Fave 50 photos of 2018’. I loved her look! She visited Bogota from Buenos Aires so we decided to shoot a new fashion editorial & this time she was inspired by irreverence & vintage.”

Wardrobe; Catalina Giangrandi

Locations; Cereal Vibes & Rock’N Stop



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