Maxi An

‘Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Maxi An / Model: Camille Duceppe
Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW): 1/7
Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW): 2/7
Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW): 3/7
Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW): 4/7
Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW): 5/7
Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW): 6/7
Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW): 7/7

Maxi An ‘Somewhere in Mexico (NSFW)’

Maxi An shows her visiting muse the outskirts of Mexico City in the winter with a relaxed day shooting in the park.

We shot this series at sunrise in winter in the Xochimilco area in the first week of Camille’s arrival to Mexico. It was a very fun day, although our taxi driver got lost & we lost 2 hours to get to our location.



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