Mike Monaghan

‘Soul Fire’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Mike Monaghan / Model: Allison Bristow / Stylist: Allison Bristow
Soul Fire: 1/13
Soul Fire: 2/13
Soul Fire: 3/13
Soul Fire: 4/13
Soul Fire: 5/13
Soul Fire: 6/13
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Soul Fire: 9/13
Soul Fire: 10/13
Soul Fire: 11/13
Soul Fire: 12/13
Soul Fire: 13/13

Mike Monaghan ‘Soul Fire’

Allison Bristow & Mike Monaghan bring us their mesmerizing new series.

“Soul Fire – Burning from the Outside In
The enchanting power of fire has always captivated me. It is this primal burn that keeps us alive, but when left uncared for can overtake us. Walking this careful line is something we do in many parts of our lives. We wanted to create a story that highlighted the strength gained from hardships. We both and endured a great loss and talked at length about the unexpected internal drive that was gained because of it. Our circumstances, just like fire, are beyond our control much of the time. It is the ability to not only walk through fire, but become it, that can create an unforeseen tenacity. Being enveloped by flames often ignites a soul fire.” – Allison



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