Space dust (NSFW): 1/6 Space dust (NSFW): 1/6
Space dust (NSFW): 2/6 Space dust (NSFW): 2/6
Space dust (NSFW): 3/6 Space dust (NSFW): 3/6
Space dust (NSFW): 4/6 Space dust (NSFW): 4/6
Space dust (NSFW): 5/6 Space dust (NSFW): 5/6
Space dust (NSFW): 6/6 Space dust (NSFW): 6/6

Jesse Cilio ‘Space dust (NSFW)’

This is for anyone out there stopping themselves from taking photos or making art because they don’t have the best equipment. Writer/director (specialising in bringing back your favourite washed up 80’s movie action stars), Jesse Cilio presents his unedited rad af debut feature shot in his apartment on iPhone 7 after a night of painting.

“Me, I’m a writer director, a low life degenerate, who got lucky with talent & perseverance. Wrote the latest Jean Claude Van Damme movie being released by Sony in July. & Steven Segal’s latest movie in red box now. New movie titled “Guns & Gucci” starring Morgan freeman & Chloe Moretz is getting announced at Cannes. I still roll around town in my stained up slater t-shirt with a runny nose & a sharp vocabulary.

How I met Rebecca….

We meet on a commune… Strange time, strange place, strange people. But sometimes I wonder if we were the strange entities that chose to inhabit this land. NorCal…. I fell in love with the trees & the black night. I fell in love with the empty land. The land that was so far off the beaten road that I wasn’t sure if I was still in the states.

Long nights starry skies even starrier eyes. I remember the feel just as I remember the taste. Bitter but bright. Sour but numbing. The relationships that were formed at this (NorCal) commune are the relationships that took me:

Stuck at the hip… maybe the elbow. I don’t know. It’s just stuck. Like the tickiest of tacky . We are the everlasting. The trees that never turn brown. We are the yesterdays that never happened tomorrow. Because tomorrow doesn’t exist. Only today and yesterday.”



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