Spin: 1/12 Spin: 1/12
Spin: 2/12 Spin: 2/12
Spin: 3/12 Spin: 3/12
Spin: 4/12 Spin: 4/12
Spin: 5/12 Spin: 5/12
Spin: 6/12 Spin: 6/12
Spin: 7/12 Spin: 7/12
Spin: 8/12 Spin: 8/12
Spin: 9/12 Spin: 9/12
Spin: 10/12 Spin: 10/12
Spin: 11/12 Spin: 11/12
Spin: 12/12 Spin: 12/12

Megan K Eagles ‘Spin’

Set entirely in & around the awesome rented 80’s BMW, ‘Spin’ is a fashion story out of London by Megan Eagles starring the incredibly beautiful, Sydney Lima.

“This was a super fun shoot. We shot it around the Alexandra Road Estate in London. Really love the retro vibes enhanced by the location, Sydney’s incredible hair & Lauren’s amazing styling choices!”

Featured brands: Sebastian Freeburn, The Market Cartel, Conner Ives, Emma Chopova, Toga Pulla, Morwenna Darwell, Toga Pulla.



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