Maty Chevriere & Joaquin Burgueño


by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
20 photographs.
Creative director: Maty Chevriere & Joaquin Burgueño / Photographer: Maty Chevriére / Photographer: Joaquin Burgueño / Model: Rita Alonso / Model: Adji Vog / Model: Alba Rosso
Splash: 1/20
Splash: 2/20
Splash: 3/20
Splash: 4/20
Splash: 5/20
Splash: 6/20
Splash: 7/20
Splash: 8/20
Splash: 9/20
Splash: 10/20
Splash: 11/20
Splash: 12/20
Splash: 13/20
Splash: 14/20
Splash: 15/20
Splash: 16/20
Splash: 17/20
Splash: 18/20
Splash: 19/20
Splash: 20/20

Maty Chevriere & Joaquin Burgueño ‘Splash’

Maty Chevriere & Joaquín Burgueño are a couple of Canarian artists who recently teamed up to create a beautiful beach series showing different perspectives of the same scenario. Perfect timing to welcome in our stunning Australian Spring weather. Inspired to get to the beach now! Love ya!



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WHATTTTTTTTT THIS IS LIT!!!!! Such an incredible shoot – this gives me all the feels!!!!!

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