Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich / Creative director: Gabrielle Anise / Model: Gabrielle Anise / Stylist: Erin Kobrin / Make-up Artist: Fara Conley / Hair: Kelly Duong
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Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich ‘Spotlight’

Los Angeles based combo model/creative director Gabrielle Anise & photographer Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich bring us their latest editorial exploring the idea of post-fetish wear & over-exaggerated classic feminine sensibilities.

“With pieces from designer Lui Trash, we wanted to invoke the feeling of a vintage woman with modern or somewhat controversial style. This idea of post fetish wear becoming everyday wear is so thrilling & universally so naughty.”

Wardrobe; Cold Shoulder LA, PearlybyPearly, Lui Trash.



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