Brandon Mieske

‘Spring fling’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Brandon Mieske / Model: Victoria Antonelli
Spring fling: 1/6
Spring fling: 2/6
Spring fling: 3/6
Spring fling: 4/6
Spring fling: 5/6
Spring fling: 6/6

Brandon Mieske ‘Spring fling’

LA photographer, Brandon Mieske presents his debut series starring Victoria Antonelli .

“Victoria & I wanted to depict a woman who is sexy in a raw way that’s genuine to her; a woman who isn’t concerned about whether she’s too boyish, unusual or in-your-face. Victoria has made recent discoveries about what it means to her to be a woman & she wanted to present a woman who owns her sexuality & is free to do/wear/say whatever she wants (themes I also like to include in my work). We shot at my studio & around my 1970’s era apartment complex in Hollywood, CA.”



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