Stake-out: 1/10 Stake-out: 1/10
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Matt Godkin ‘Stake-out’

When your model pulls up looking so damn fine in her own whip, it only makes sense to shoot it, but it takes a true talent to produce something this creative in such a limited space. ‘Stake-out’ is our first feature by Sydney based photographer, Matt Goodkin.

“I had worked with Kirah a few times before & we were keen to work on some more stuff. I brought my wife Ally along to help with the styling because she’s amazing & super creative. So we drove out to Kurnell, NSW with a car, a model, a stylist, a couple of changes of outfits scrunched in the back of Kirah’s car, & a bunch of black & white film. The shoot was sombre. We didn’t talk a lot. Just made art. I feel like that mood came out in the photos. The photos were shot on a Nikon FM3A 35mm camera & a Pentax 67 medium format film camera. Both were using Kodak Tx400 black and white film.”



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